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Social media and surfing the web have become part of our daily lives.  In fact, it’s hard to remember a time before posting a selfie or googling your latest question!  But let’s look at things from a different perspective – security.

“My office email should be super safe!  We have tons of security measures in place.”  Ever found yourself thinking along these lines?  You’re not the only one, and scammers know it.

When it comes to protecting our personal and financial information, our thoughts typically jump to tech savvy scammers who send email viruses, hack databases, or try to steal our credit card information online.  And while these bad guys abound, some thieves prefer doing things the old fashioned way.

If you’ve been following our blog for a little while, you’ve probably noticed a trend.  We post a lot of articles about protecting your personal and financial information.  Why?  Because, we’ve seen the consequences of identity theft.  And trust us, they’re not pretty!

Have you ever found yourself saying: I’m too smart to get a virus like that on MY computer?  Famous last words…  Scammers have become much savvier, and many of us are falling for their schemes, especially when it comes to opening email attachments.