Enjoy More Love And Less Fees With A DuGood Debit Card

Get cash on the go or shop for everyday purchases with:

no monthly service fees

No Monthly Service Fees

no atm fees

No ATM Fees

reward points

 Reward points

Get the cash you need at thousands of free ATMs across the nation

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Debit Card Features

UChoose Rewards

uChoose Rewards

When you use your debit card as a credit and sign for your purchase, you'll earn points that can be redeemed for travel, electronics, jewelry, and more!

Scholarship Rewards

Scholarship Rewards

College expenses can really add up! Get the cash you need for tuition, books, dorm life and more when you use your debit card as a credit and sign for your purchase.

Purchase Rewards

Purchase Rewards

Get cash back for using your debit card at your favorite stores and restaurants. You can claim your Purchase Rewards by logging into Online Banking or using our mobile app.

digital wallet

Digital Wallet

Enjoy a shopping experience that's safer and faster! Use Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay to check out in stores, online, or within apps.



CardValet is a free mobile app that allows you to turn your debit card on and off, set restrictions on where your card can be used, establish spending limits, and so much more.

Here Are A Few Ways We've Helped Others Just like You.

Jean, Beaumont, TX

DuGood Rewards are awesome! I used my points to rent a car for a week during my vacation, and the process couldn't have been easier. My points covered the entire cost, and there were no restrictions or black-out dates.

Neal, Lumberton, TX

I love having alerts sent right to my phone  and being able to turn my debit card on and off.  With CardValet, now I know exactly where my money
is going!

Joyce, Beaumont, TX

Last year, when everything was going on with Target, I had to get my debit card replaced. DuGood's customer service was amazing! They called me right away, and I was able to get a new debit card in less than 20 minutes!

Have a question about debit cards but don't want to wait on hold?

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Get answers to frequently asked questions

+ How long does it take to get a debit card?

Getting a debit card only takes a few minutes! Just stop by your local branch, and our staff can issue you one instantly.

+ How do I activate my debit card or change my debit card PIN?

Please call (800) 992-3808.

+ How can I redeem my Scholarship Rewards?

When you're ready to redeem your Scholarship Rewards, stop by your local branch and ask for a redemption form. Our staff will be happy to help you complete it and submit it for processing.

Redemption requests typically take 5 - 7 business days to be completed. Once your request has been successfully completed, your money will be deposited into the DuGood account of your choice.

+ How do I report a lost or stolen debit card?

Please call (800) 472-3272.

+ How do I report debit card fraud?

Please call (800) 262-2024.

+ What are courtesy pay limits?

Courtesy Pay limits will increase automatically:

Checking accounts opened for less than 1 year: $500
Checking accounts opened for over 1 year: $750
Checking accounts opened for over 2 years: $1,000

+ Is there a daily spending limit on debit cards?

Yes. The daily limit on debit cards is $1,500 for point of sale transactions and $500 for ATM transactions.

+ Is there a charge for replacing your debit card?

Yes. You can replace your debit card for just $10.

+ Do I need to let the credit union know if I plan to travel with my debit card?

Yes. The credit union will need to place a travel indicator on your card for the fraud department.