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Stop losing money with high interest credit cards.

No Annual Fees

No Cash Advance Fees

No Over the Limit Fees

Helpful Money Saving Tip: You can save money and pay off debt quicker when you transfer high rate credit card balances from other lenders to your DuGood FCU credit card.

Relax with additional credit card protection.

Digital Wallet

Enjoy an extra layer of security when you add your credit card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Your card number will never be shared with merchants or stored on a server.

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CardValet is a free mobile app that allows you to turn your credit card on and off, set restrictions on where your card can be used, establish spending limits, and so much more.

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Free Online Shopping Protection

We've partnered with MasterCard to give you additional protection against unauthorized use of your credit card when you shop online.


Fraud Detection

With our Fraud Detection Program, we monitor your credit card transactions for potential fraudulent activity and will call or notify you by text if suspicious activity is detected.

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Regular rates vary from 11.40% - 18.00%.

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