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Rates effective February 21, 2024

Vehicle Age Term APR*
Up to 2024 48 Months 5.50%
2020-2024 60 Months 5.50%
2021-2024 66 Months 5.60%
2022-2024 72 Months 6.00%
2023-2024 78 Months 6.50%
New Autos Only 84 Months 6.75%
  • Minimum loan amount for New Autos $32,500
  • No Minimum loan amount for Used Autos

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Loan rates quoted are based on A+ credit rating with a pre-approval. Actual rates will vary, are subject to change and are based on individual creditworthiness. Vehicle year model may affect the term of loan. Please call to verify listed rates.

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