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On Friday, March 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law. This $2 trillion emergency relief package is intended to assist individuals and businesses during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and accompanying economic crisis.  Major relief provisions are summarized here.

As we ride this crazy wave called the COVID-19 together, we are always looking for ways to do good for our members.  We understand that many of you at home are balancing emotions, work, childcare, and taking on the task of teaching your kids.

As the world watches COVID-19, fraudsters are up to their old tricks.  They are preying on people’s anxiety about the virus to capture their personal information.  Here are a few scams to look out for as you surf the web.

Perhaps you have a home you’re considering refinancing. Great! First, what is refinancing? Refinancing, as it applies to a mortgage, is paying off a current loan to replace it with a new one. But when is the best time to do so?  Here’s a list of three reasons you may want to consider refinancing. 

You may have a very idealistic vision of retirement — doing all of the things that you never seem to have time to do now. But how do you pursue that vision? Social Security may be around when you retire, but the benefit that you get from Uncle Sam may not provide enough income for your retirement years. To make matters worse, few employers today offer a traditional company pension plan that guarantees you a specific income at retirement. On top of that, people are living longer and must find ways to fund those additional years of retirement. Such eye-opening facts mean that today, sound retirement planning is critical.