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Emergency expenses and extensive credit card use can land you in a sticky financial situation where you’re left paying high-interest rates on all forms of debt. In this case, debt consolidation can be a viable option to help chip away at the debt and possibly pay it off sooner. Here are just a few benefits of the debt consolidation process.

Embarking on a dream home journey can be quite the process. Questions come up like whether to buy a move-in ready home or build a home. There are many factors to consider when looking for finance options to make your dream a reality, depending on which route you take. We are sharing some helpful information to guide you in the right direction.

When purchasing a car, you could be faced with many different scenarios. One of which is trading in your current vehicle for a newer one. Using those trade-in funds to pay for a newer car can certainly make owning your dream car more affordable. However, when moving through the trade-in process, there are a few terms you should know to ensure you’re communicating effectively and negotiating confidently for the best deal possible.

Why do so many people never obtain the financial independence that they desire? Often it's because they just don't take that first step — getting started. Besides procrastination, other excuses people make are that investing is too risky, too complicated, too time consuming, and only for the rich.

Recently, a friend posted on Facebook: "Really tired of my debit card getting hacked. What gives?" We'll call her… Sally. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. But the facts remain the same. Card skimming and data breaches are as common as ever.