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So you’re looking a fun way to celebrate Halloween with your family.  It needs to be safe.  Mildly spooky at most – we don’t want the kids to have nightmare for weeks!  And, you’d like to be able to leave with more than cob webs in your account.  Well, you’ve come to right place.

Preparing for parenthood isn’t just tiny clothes and heartwarming ultrasound photos; it involves a lot of financial preparation. So, we’re going to lay out the most important financial tasks on your plate from pregnancy to baby’s first years, including:

Ok, moms and dads – let’s talk diapers.  Babies need them, there are about 5 million different kinds to choose from, and they can get incredibly expensive!

I am a firm believer that kids should be taught the value of the almighty dollar.   I think too often in today’s time, parents hand out money but miss the chance to teach their kids a lesson.

Now, before I go any further, please understand.  I am not saying you cannot splurge on your child.  I am guilty of this too!  I don’t think there is anything wrong with rewarding your kids.  All I’m simply trying to say is – many times we, as parents, pay for that toy or candy bar in the store just to get five minutes of peace and quiet. Then, what happens?  You feel guilty that you rewarded your kid, and they didn’t really do anything to deserve it.

Whether you’re hit with a bout of nostalgia for those old school days, or breathe a sigh of relief thinking “Thank heavens, that’s over,” the school supply list that arrives faithfully in your mail or email probably evokes memories. If it’s not memories of your own school days, it’s memories of school supply shopping. And if you dread school supply shopping, you’re not alone.