Helpful DuGood Articles

by Rebecca Prince

Confession.  We kind of have a soft spot for our student members.  Many of them have been us with since they were in diapers.

Ah, spring!  The flowers are blooming.  The bees are buzzing.  The weather is wonderful.  And apparently, it’s the perfect time to clean things.

In the “good old days,” scams were easy to spot.  They came in the form of a poorly written email or a suspicious phone call.  Things have definitely changed!  Much of the world has gone mobile, and so have the bad guys. 

Today we pause to give thanks for redemption, second chances, fresh starts, and hope for the future.  Happy Easter everyone! 

So maybe you didn’t hear about our Scholarship Giveaway when we first announced it.  OR, perhaps you had a lot on your plate.  We’ve got great news – we’re extending the deadline!  If you need some extra cash for college, it’s not too late to get your name in the running.  We’re now accepting applications until April 30.