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It’s no secret your credit score is important. But many are surprised how great a role it can play in the overall cost of your loan. When financing a vehicle, your credit score matters in terms of:

If you’re in the market for a new automobile, maybe you think the easiest way to get your dream car is to obtain dealer financing at the time you buy the car. 

Allow us to shed a little light on this topic!  At DuGood, we can save you both time and money.  Our loan process couldn’t be easier – all it takes is a brief phone call or a few clicks of your mouse.

The year is getting nearer to the end. And although your focus might be on falling leaves, comfort foods, and holiday shopping – the fall / winter season is one of the best times to purchase a vehicle. 

Shopping for a new car has never been easier.  There’s never been greater access to information on everything from make, model, fuel efficiency, past accidents, and more to help you make the right decision. 

Most research shows that when you buy a car in the winter, you have a better chance to receive discounts or get other “extras” included in your deal. However, if you can’t wait until winter to buy a new car, here are some options to think about: