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So you’ve decided to do things differently this year.  In 2017, you’re going to be smarter with your money.  You’ve made up your mind to create a budget and stick to it.

There’s just something about the beginning of a new year!  With the turn of a calendar page, our hopes are renewed, our expectation awakens, and the desire to set goals reignites.  It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Christmas is here – let’s party!  Bring on the work parties, the church parties, parties with friends, the dinner parties, the get-togethers with family…  Sound familiar?  What has the potential to be the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful and expensive.

I have a confession to make!  I’m addicted to buying Christmas ornaments – or, at least, I was when I first moved into my house a couple of years ago.

Have you ever seen those car commercials at Christmas time?  You know the ones… where the lucky teen (or adult) wakes up Christmas morning to find a new car parked in the driveway with a giant red bow on top.