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about Budgeting & Saving

Creating and maintaining a budget is one of the best ways to achieve your financial goals. However, even the most dedicated can find it challenging at times. That’s why it’s essential to revisit your budget and financial plan every six months. This financial check-up is your opportunity to get back on track before you stray too far from your goals.

Being financially secure is a goal that most wish to achieve. Knowing that you can meet all your financial obligations and handle unforeseen expenses is a great feeling and can alleviate a lot of stress in life.

Every one of us has a habit which could be costing us thousands of dollars a year, and we may not even realize it. While some of us may have one single habit that is costly, even those fast-food trips and coffee stops add up and could be costing you more than you think.

Marriage can be the ultimate expression of love between two people. However, financial problems are serious obstacles that can test the bonds of marriage. From losing a job to overspending, money conflicts are one of the leading causes of divorce. Check out the following advice to avoid these financial woes to keep the marriage running smoothly.

If you've ever signed up for an introductory trial offer or thought a trial subscription that was cancellable "at any time," was too good to resist, chances are you also know that dangers lurk around the bend. Seemingly low-cost subscriptions, especially when the first month or two are offered at a discount, can be traps that add up to big bucks each year.

Whenever you're faced with the temptation to sign up for a monthly payment subscription, it helps to figure the actual cost on an annual basis before you grab the "opportunity." While a few dollars each month seems reasonable enough, the yearly cost might be cause to pause.

Online subscriptions, payable through automatic recurring charges to your credit card or checking account, can be especially difficult to cancel unless you're very organized and keep impeccable records of sign-up dates and billing schedules. Too many people forget to monitor the charges and find that canceling is too much hassle.

Before you know it, those ‘few bucks a month subscriptions’ are costing you hundreds or even thousands a year. You’re signed up for Netflix and Hulu for movies and tv shows, Pandora Plus and Spotify for your music, you have the premium version of MyFitnessPal, you’re subscribed to Audible for audiobooks, you’re signed up for a dating site and who knows what else. Pretty soon, you have five or more $5 - $10 monthly subscriptions going at once!

It’s an easy trap, and businesses know this – which is why most are switching to subscription pricing models. You see this trend everywhere, from Adobe and Microsoft software to shaving and personal shopping companies.