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America celebrated its 242nd birthday yesterday!  And while the fireworks and backyard BBQ’s have come and gone, we’re still thinking about freedom.

Father’s Day is June 17.  Yes… as in Sunday.  Two days away!  We just felt procrastinators panic everywhere.  Yes, the force is strong with our bloggers.  But, we digress.

We all make mistakes.  Life gets busy.  We swipe a few too many times, and then we regret it when we check our balance later.

ATM fees are literally one of the most frustrating things in the universe.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration.  BUT, who really wants to get popped with a fee for using your own money?  That’s right – no one.

Itching to do something fun before the last few days of summer fade away?  Although it might be too late to plan a getaway before Back to School, Southeast Texas is full of hidden gems.