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It has been about two months since Hurricane Harvey visited Southeast Texas. And much like the storm itself, progress is slow and steady.

Have you ever tried to look up a definition only to find you still had no idea what the word meant?  That’s how I felt the first time I googled home equity loans.

For a little while now, we’ve been blogging about the steps it takes to become a first time home owner.  You can check out our previous articles here.  Today, let’s talk about home inspection! 

Finding the right inspector is a very important part of your home buying journey.  Why is it such a big deal?  How do you find a good one?  And, what can you expect?  We’ll answer all your questions – let’s dive in!

You’ve been on the hunt for your very first home – and you think you’ve found the one!  Now, it’s time to make an offer.  Of course, you want the best deal possible!  But, what happens next?  What should you expect?

Home ownership.  You’ve decided it’s time.  All the details are in order.  Now, it’s time for the house hunt to begin.  Which leads you to even more questions…

Should you work with a real estate agent?  How should you pick one?