If we suspect fraud, we'll call or text and ask you to verify your recent transactions.

Text Message



All text alerts from DuGood Fraud Detection will be from: 37268
All DuGood Credit Card Fraud Detection inquiry calls will come from: (855) 926-5160
All DuGood Debit Card Fraud Detection inquiry calls will come from: (877) 273-5740

Is your Contact Information Up to Date?

If we can’t reach you, it’s difficult to help! Please keep your phone number, email, and mailing address updated with the credit union at all times.

Call your local branch.
Find a branch near you.


Do not give out any of your account numbers over the phone, text , or email - even if it appears to be from DuGood. We will never ask ask for your PINs, account numbers, CVC code, or expiration date as we already have this information on file.

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