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about Credit Cards

For those looking to take control of their outstanding debt, debt consolidation is a viable option. When deciding to consolidate, a person can take multiple bills and merge them into one account for one monthly payment at, hopefully, a lower interest rate. There’s also an added benefit of only managing one account per month instead of trying to keep up with multiple accounts.

Did you know that among all the credit card fees you pay, you can avoid practically all of them? That’s right! Check out the list below to see the top five credit card fees you can avoid: 

There’s just something about the start of a new year!  Maybe it’s because deep down we all enjoy new beginnings – the chance to start something fresh. 

Christmas is less than 10 days away, and holiday shopping is in full swing. How can you maximize your credit card rewards this year while looking for the perfect gift?

Financial credit plays an important part in our lives.  Although using credit is easy, you must use it wisely to protect your financial future.  The Federal Reserve reports that approximately 40 percent of Americans spend more than they earn, and most of that is on a credit card.