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Love and money.  Individually, they can be complicated enough.  But, when you bring the two together, things can get pretty explosive – in a bad way!

Valentine’s Day was just last week!  And although the holiday has come and gone, it has us thinking about “couple-ly” things… like love and money.  Pretty romantic, right?

Ah, Valentine’s Day!  Insert flowers, chocolates, and sparkly hearts here… or this meme of Dwight from The Office.  Sorry!  We just couldn’t resist.

So that special guy or girl has caught your eye, and the feeling is mutual.  You’re getting to know each other.  You have great conversation, similar interests and values, the attraction is there.  It’s all great – until you realize you’re gradually going broke!

The search for the perfect wedding dress – if you’re in the “bride tribe,” it’s a hunt of epic proportions.  Reality shows glorify the dress, the moment, and that magical feeling you get when you find the perfect fit.  It’s like a rite of passage for mothers and daughters.  Older women gather around the camp fire and pass along the legends of their quest for the dress…