70 Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted by Rebecca Prince on September 30, 2016

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So that special guy or girl has caught your eye, and the feeling is mutual.  You’re getting to know each other.  You have great conversation, similar interests and values, the attraction is there.  It’s all great – until you realize you’re gradually going broke!

Going on dates doesn't always have to mean draining your wallet at fancy restaurants. There are plenty of affordable and entertaining dates you can go on with your significant other. After all, it's really the time you spend with them that matters and not how much you're spending on the dates. 

So without further ado, here are 70 dates for you to try, courtesy of Team DuGood and POPSUGAR blogger Emily Co.

  1. Cook each other's family recipes for each other.
  2. Nostalgia movie night. Watch your favorite movies from during your school years.
  3. Go for a walk at Tyrell Park or hike the Big Thicket trails
  4. Picnic outdoors and prep delicious foods to try.
  5. Explore the Beaumont Farmers Market together, and share some juicy fruits or tasty snacks to munch on.
  6. Take a tour around a museum the both of you haven't been to (preferably on free museum day!).
  7. Go to open mic night and sing your heart out.
  8. Visit Sertinos or Rao’s and play games to your heart's content.
  9. Create your own Golden Triangle tour, and visit historic landmarks.
  10. Pick a documentary, and discuss it after watching.
  11. Have a book club date night. Choose a book to read together, and hold a cozy book club meeting for two when you're both done with it.
  12. Volunteer together at the pound, homeless shelter, or your favorite nonprofit.
  13. Go swimming together.
  14. Stargaze and try to name the constellations you're staring at with the help of an app or book.
  15. Watch birds and wildlife, and try to identify them with a book or app.  The Cattail Marsh at Tyrell Park is the perfect place!
  16. Pick blueberries at a local farm, and find recipes to cook the fruit.
  17. Buy a travel book of your dream travel destination, and read it together.
  18. Visit the library, and read books together.
  19. Take a free yoga class together.
  20. Ride the Calder Bike Trail or one of the hike and bike trails.
  21. Bring $5 to the mall and see who ends up with the best buy.
  22. Rollerblade together or go to a roller skating rink.
  23. Go bowling.
  24. Play a sport together.
  25. Make desserts for each other.
  26. Become a kid again, and play games at the arcade.
  27. Throw a fondue night, and experiment with unique ingredients.
  28. Go fishing.
  29. Watch a movie in your yard or outdoors, and make a snacks like you’re at a drive-in
  30. Build a jigsaw puzzle together.
  31. Go to a local festival.
  32. Visit a flea market, thrift store of Downtown Junk Days, and try to find things you can restore together.
  33. Miniature golf.
  34. Check out an art exhibit.
  35. Paint together.
  36. Try to fold challenging origami pieces.
  37. Design mugs for each other.
  38. Go to a playground, and exchange childhood memories.
  39. Attend a pet show or meet up in your area.
  40. Make a scrapbook of your best memories together.
  41. Practice photo shoots if one of you is into photography.
  42. Attend free lectures.
  43. Go to a book signing.
  44. Doing crossword puzzles together.
  45. Take a dance class.
  46. Paint ceramics together.
  47. Play video games from your childhood.
  48. Camp in your room, and make blanket forts. Make s'mores with your microwave. Tell ghost stories.
  49. Fly a kite together. Perhaps even make the kite together before flying it.
  50. Go on a coffee date.
  51. Go to the beach, and enjoy activities like building sandcastles and skipping rocks.
  52. Do a spa night at home, and give each other massages.
  53. Learn a new skill together from YouTube tutorials.
  54. Start watching a TV series together.
  55. Start a blog together.
  56. Write out your bucket list with each other.
  57. Admire the architecture in your city.
  58. Watch a play together. There are plenty of affordable plays hosted by Lamar and local community groups.
  59. Go open-house-hopping together.
  60. Check out a local band.
  61. Redeem a daily deal together.
  62. Visit a candy store or ice cream parlor, and spend time talking and enjoying sweets.
  63. Watch a sports game together.
  64. Attend a poetry reading.
  65. Participate in a Nerf war.
  66. Make a pizza together with all your favorite toppings. Get creative, and attempt to make a dessert pizza.
  67. Watch a high school or college sport together.
  68. Go to a foreign film night. They usually host these at Lamar or the library.
  69. Learn a language together.
  70. Go geocaching together.

Love Don’t Cost a Thing: 98 Cheap Date Ideas by Emily Co on POPSUGAR.COM