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Things are really starting to heat up here in Southeast Texas!  Sunny days and blue skies have returned, and it really has us thinking – wow, it would be great to get out on the water.

Ah, May 4th.  To the clever person who made geeking out on Star Wars a worldwide holiday, we salute you!  Here at DuGood, it’s no secret – we’re pretty big Star Wars fans.  Maybe, it’s the whole good versus evil thing.  Or, how the little guy saves the day…  But at any rate, it gets all our “credit union feels” going.

Today we pause to give thanks for redemption, second chances, fresh starts, and hope for the future.  Happy Easter everyone! 

Kids, teens, high schoolers, and college students! We’ve set aside a month just to celebrate you.

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday Mr. President…