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America celebrated its 242nd birthday yesterday!  And while the fireworks and backyard BBQ’s have come and gone, we’re still thinking about freedom.

Vacation is a chance to relax and leave your cares behind. By following these tips, you can spend more time enjoying vacation instead of worrying about what’s going on at home. 

Home prices are finally returning to pre-recession levels – a first since the recession of 2007 – and college expenses continue to rise every year. Is there a better way to pay for your child’s college education than a student loan? For many, a home equity loan may be a great option to take care of this looming expense. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons:

There’s something about the spring that makes me want to do projects around the house.  It’s the perfect time to spruce up the patio, do some painting… and completely remodel the kitchen.

It has been about two months since Hurricane Harvey visited Southeast Texas. And much like the storm itself, progress is slow and steady.