Pay from Your DuGood Account

Use your DuGood account to make a payment just once, or schedule auto transfers each month.


  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Find the loan you'd like to make a payment on and click the Pay button
  3. Click the drop down and select the account you'd like to make the payment from
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Click the Repeat Transfer box and choose how often you'd like to make a payment
  6. Confirm that all your payment information is correct
  7. Click Make Transfer


  • Set up a payment to be made each month from your checking account
  • Change your payment amount or cancel it anytime
  • Avoid missing your payment and a possible late fee
Confirm Transfer Screenshot

Pay from Another Financial Institution

Each month, we can automatically debit an account at another financial institution using ACH.

We'll take care of the rest

Pay with A Credit Card

We accept Visa or MasterCard payments from other financial institutions. Log in to Online Banking or the
mobile app to add your credit card.


  1. In Online Banking, select Loan Payment by Card under the Move Money menu
    In the mobile app, click More and select Loan Payments by Card
  2. Select the loan you would like to pay
  3. Enter the amount, card number, and billing address associated with the card being use to make the payment
  4. Confirm the payment amount is correct and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  5. Click Submit to officially make your loan payment
  6. A message confirming your loan payment will appear
  7. You will receive a confirmation email once your loan payment has been processed
Mobile Pay By Credit Card Screenshot

A transaction fee of $4.95 will apply.  Payments with a DuGood credit card or debit card are not allowed. Other restrictions apply.

Other Ways To Pay

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By Mail
By Phone

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