10 Ways to Save Money this Fall

Posted by Rebecca Prince on September 22, 2016

Fall Saving Tips Blog

Happy fall y’all!  Today is the first day of autumn, and we couldn’t be more excited.  With the arrival of the season change, comes milder weather (ok Southeast Texas, so we’re still waiting on that part), pumpkin everything, football, and festivals.

It’s pretty glorious!  And to celebrate, we’re sharing 10 tips to help you save more this fall.

1. Cook at Home and Cook Seasonal

Eating out adds up quickly!  So why not plan a cozy meal at home and spend time with the family?  Get adventurous and try new flavors.  Pumpkin, butternut squash, apples, pears, and potatoes are all in peak season right now, and that means cheaper prices when you check out.  Fall is the perfect time for crockpot meals.  Search Pinterest for inspiration! 

And for a little added fun, check out the Beaumont Farmers Market.  It’s held weekly at the Athletic Complex on College Street, from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m., and it’s a terrific way to start your Saturday!

2. Pay yourself First

When is the perfect time to start saving?  Today!  If you’re not doing so already, pick an amount and put it into your savings account the day you get paid.  Signing up for direct deposit or auto transfer takes the sting out of saving – it’s so much easier when you make saving automatic!

3. Weatherproof your Home

Although Southeast Texas winters are much milder than many other parts of the country, colder weather can mean a spike in your electric bill.  Use weather stripping around your windows and doors and be sure to clean your gutters.

4. Host a Costume Swap

Halloween will be here before you know it – and the price of some costumes is enough to spook any frugal mom or dad!  Get together with other parents and host a costume swap for you kids.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  Your kiddos will get something new to wear, and it’s totally free!

5. Take a Vacation from the Gym

Stop right there – we’re not endorsing becoming lazy!  Southeast Texans know the summer heat can be pretty intense.  Fall is the perfect time to be outdoors!  Did you know there are over 42 parks in Beaumont and Mid County alone?  Run, walk, bike, or skate with friends!  Or, check out a free fitness channel on YouTube.

6. Prep for the Holidays Now

It’s easy to blow your budget during the holiday season.  Start planning now – and get specific!  Make a list of gift recipients, your budget, and gift ideas.  Be on the lookout for these items when you’re out and about shopping.  Who says you have to start after Thanksgiving?  You’ll avoid lots of stress and traffic!

7. Take Advantage of Cheap Entertainment

Southeast Texas comes alive during the fall.  It’s the prime time for local festivals and events!  The Rice Festival, Pecan Festival, Gift of Life Ribbon Run 5K, and Beaumont Heritage Society Pumpkin Walk are just a few of many family-friendly events coming up.  Check sites like southeasttexasevents.com and beaumontcvb.com to stay in the know.

8. Get Crafty

Bring a taste of the outdoors into your home!  “Some of the most beautiful fall décor can be found in nature, and the best part is: it’s free,” says US News blogger Holly Perez.  Try making a homemade wreath or center piece.  Tis the season to Pinterest!

9. Learn how to Make a Latte

There’s nothing like snuggling up and sipping a pumpkin spice latter (or insert your favorite fall drink here).  But at $5 a pop, seasonal coffees can definitely kill your cash flow, especially if you’re driving thru daily.  What’s a coffee lover to do?  Become your own barista!  A quick search will show you that there are tons of great fall and winter coffee recipes out there.  Starbucks even sells bottles of some of their seasonal syrups.  Do a little experimenting with you latte!  It will be fun, cheaper, and probably much healthier. 

10. Review your Subscriptions

Take an inventory of subscriptions you’ve signed up for that are attached to your credit card.  If you haven’t used one of them within the last month, it’s time to cancel.  Remember, the holidays are coming, and you can definitely use that money elsewhere.

Fall into savings with a little help from your friends at DuGood.  Do you have any fall saving tips that we didn’t mention here?  Be sure share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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