3 Questions To Ask Before Moving Off Campus

Posted by Rebecca Prince on July 25, 2017

Moving Off Campus

Most college students come to a point where they want to spread their wings and leave dorm life behind. The decision to move into off-campus housing can be stressful and confusing. Take a look at some of the things to consider as you make this decision.

1. How Much Will You Pay in Housing Expenses?

The idea that moving off-campus will save you money can be a little deceiving. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into when you sign your contract. Rent may seem cheap, but you also need to factor in an initial deposit, utilities, cable, internet, parking, furniture and appliances. Depending on how much your complex provides, these extraneous costs can be very expensive where dorm living could actually be cheaper. Additionally, be sure to check as to whether the contract you sign is for the entire year or just for the semesters you plan to attend at school. 

2. How Much Will I Have to Pay for Food?

When living in a dorm, you usually have a fixed payment, which includes meals three times a day and snacks as well. When you have your own apartment, what you eat will be up to you. Whether you grocery shop or eat out, what you spend is entirely up to you.

3. Will I Have Access to Campus Activities?

Dorm living offers unparalleled access to campus activities and university life. An apartment will undoubtedly provide more space and privacy, but you may have to work harder to stay connected to your school once you move further away. Dorm life also encourages you to get to know the students on your floor. Depending on how social your complex is, it may be tougher to make new friends, because you won’t see people as often as you did in the dorms.

If you’re ready to make the jump to off-campus housing, just do your research, so there won’t be any surprises once you’re ready to sign a contract.  Interested in more articles like this one?  Be sure to check out our other blogs about college life.

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