3 Things You Can Do To Prepare For a Storm

Posted by Rebecca Prince on June 20, 2017

Tropical Storm Cindy

Local news and social media is buzzing about Tropical Storm Cindy.  And, given Southeast Texas’ hurricane history, we understand that you might be a little nervous right now.

Here at DuGood, we want you to FEEL GOOD about your finances no matter what the forecast looks like.  Here are three things you can do to prepare for a storm or serious weather event.

1. Sign up for Text Notifications

These aren’t your typical marketing messages!  We’ll only text you in the event of branch closing, re-opening, or if there’s an emergency with your account.  All messages will come from DuGood FCU and are free for those who have unlimited texting plans.

Sign up for Text Notifications.


2. Download our Disaster Readiness Guide

Hurricanes Rita and Ike have taught us that things can get pretty crazy when a storm is approaching.  It’s important to stay calm and do what you can to prepare.  Our Disaster Readiness Guide is full of helpful information that will assist you in weather proofing your home and your finances.

Click to get the guide.


3. Become an Email Subscriber

Adding your name to our email list is another great way to stay connected when the weather gets rough.  We’ll send out regular updates about branch closings, reopenings, account access tips, and so much more. To sign up, simply visit any page of our website and scroll down to the bottom of your screen.  You'll find the email signup form there.

Final thoughts

Hurricane season is here, but that doesn't mean it should be a time of fear and anxiety.  By making a few simple preparations, you can safeguard your family and your finances.  Take care out there - stay dry!  And, FEEL GOOD knowing that we're here to help rain or shine.