4 Ways We’re Helping Teachers

Posted by Rebecca Prince on August 29, 2016

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Teachers are pretty incredible people!  They are educators, influencers, encouragers, cultivators, destiny shapers.  On our good days, they celebrate with us. On our bad days, let’s be honest – sometimes they just have to put up with us.

If you’re a teacher, we’d like to pause and say thank you!  What you do is really important.  And, we understand while you love your job, it can also be really challenging.  That’s why DuGood is here to give you a little back up.  Check out these four ways we are helping teachers in Southeast Texas.

1.  By Providing Teacher Grants

One of our favorite branches is one you might not know exists – our West Brook Student Financial Center.  It’s located in the cafeteria at West Brook High School and serves students and teachers.  If you’re a West Brook teacher, be sure to enter to win our $250 Teacher Grant.

2.  By Giving Free Books and Materials

The state of Texas now requires that all students undergo some sort of financial education before they graduate.  Trust us!  It’s a really good thing.  Young people ages 18 – 24 are the most common age group declaring bankruptcy.  Pretty sad and crazy, right?

DuGood offers free TEA approved books and materials to help your students learn about money before they graduate.  To learn more or request supplies, contact our Marketing department at marketing@dugood.org.

3.  By Offering Banzai

Today’s generation of students has grown up with technology.  So, why not use it to teach them something awesome?  DuGood offers Banzai free of charge.  It’s an online game that’s meant to prepare students for the real world.  Banzai provides students with a budget, presents them with realistic scenarios, and challenges them to make choices, so they can move forward in the game.  Learn more about Banzia here.

4.  By Sending Guest Speakers to the Classroom

We understand that you may not feel qualified to talk to your students about financial topics.  And, that’s ok!  Financial education is one of our passions, and we love visiting the classroom.  We can teach just about any age.  And, we try to make our presentations interactive and full of fun.  If you’d like to schedule a guest speaker to visit your classroom, just email us at marketing@dugood.org.

Hey teachers!  We just want to say again – you rock!  Thanks for all you do, and if you ever need us, we’re just a phone call or email away.

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