5 Reasons Why CardValet Is The Best App Ever

Posted by Rebecca Prince on March 15, 2017

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A long time ago, in a decade far, far way… there were the 1990’s.  It was a simpler time when phones had chords.  We played Oregon Trail, and there was not yet “an app for that.”

Times have definitely changed!  It’s hard to imagine life without PayPal or the DuGood app.  I can manage my money so easily!  And that brings me to today’s blog topic – a handy little app called Card Valet®.

It’s separate from the DuGood app, free, and totally worth the download.  Why?  It puts you in complete control of your debit card!

1. Turn Your Debit Card On And Off

If you’ve ever misplaced your debit card – or had it stolen, you know the panic that ensues!  It’s tied to your checking account.  Your paycheck goes in there!  You have bills to pay.  And if you’re like me, you’re really not fond of losing all that hard earned money.  With CardValet, you can turn your debit card on and off.  So, if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, all it takes is one swipe off to keep your card and your money safe.  Ready to turn your card back on?  No problem!  Just swipe again.  It’s really that simple!

2. Limit Where Your Card Can Be Used

This is a great feature that will help protect you against fraud – or your college student’s spontaneous Spring Break road trip.  CardValet uses your phone’s GPS to limit the range where your debit card can be used.    And, you can set it up to monitor multiple DuGood debit card at once.  Don’t want your card to be used outside Southeast Texas… or College Station, perhaps?  No problem!

3. Establish Spending Limits

If you share an account with your family or business, CardValet is a great way to keep your budget on track.  Lunch for $10 – that’s no big deal!  However, spending $100 on a pair of shoes, that’s a different story.

4. Set Shopping Restrictions

Don’t want your card used at certain merchants?  CardValet can take care of that too!  It allows you to limit the types of stores where your card can be used.  Transactions can be reported or denied based on your settings.

5. Receive Alerts 

Get instant alerts sent straight to your cell phone!  You can sign up to receive notifications about pending purchases, denials, and other types of transactions.  With CardValet, you’ll stay “in the know” about where and how your debit card is being used.

Ready to Download?

You deserve to be the boss when it comes to your debit card!  CardValet is currently available for smart phones in the App Store and Google Play.  If you have any trouble downloading it or with the brief registration process, just give us a call.  We’re here to help!

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