5 Ways We're Saving You And The Planet Too!

Posted by Rebecca Prince on June 20, 2018

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Bet you didn’t think this blog was about eStatements did you?  Well, it is!  But, stick around and prepare to be entertained.

We get it… you don’t think eStatements are very glamorous.  But, you know what it is?  Cash, going fast, and the unspoiled beaches of Fiji.  Just follow us for a few moments.

1. Saving You Precious Time

“I wanna go fast.” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights

If you’re like Ricky Bobby, then eStatements are for you.  Let’s walk through the old school process of getting paper statements.  Traditional statements require printing, preparation for mailing, and time being delivered to you.  Once you enroll, you can access your eStatements instantly within Online Banking.

Ricky Bobby meme - I wanna go fast

2.  Giving More Back To You

“Show me the money!” – Cuba Gooding Jr., Jerry McGuire

Alright, Cuba - we sure will!  When DuGood has to print and mail statements to 30,000 members, things can add up really quickly.  When you sign up for eStatements, everyone wins.  With the money the credit union saves, we can give more back to you in the form of lower fees, lower loan rates, and more incentives.

Jerry McGuire - Show me the money

3. Making it Easy

“If it was easy, everyone would do it.”  - Unknown

Seriously, everyone should sign up for eStatements.  It’s sort of like hitting the easy button when it comes to financial management.  You can view your statements 24/7 on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  At DuGood, we store our statements for 18 months. If you need a statement beyond that, just contact your local branch.  Our staff will be happy to help!

easy button

4. Keeping You Safe

Remember that one episode of The Office where Dwight creates a fake fire to teach his co-workers safety?  Yeah, this isn’t like that.  But, when it comes to paper versus eStatements, the latter is much safer.  By using eStatements, you eliminate the possibility that someone can steal your mail on its way to you.  Our Online Banking is protected by the highest encryption available.  Can you really say the same for your mailbox?

The Office - trying to escape fire

5. Saving the Planet

Ok, here’s where those unspoiled beaches of Fiji come in!  When you go paperless, you’re saving trees, reducing chemical usage, eliminating waste.  Let’s be honest – you’ve probably thrown away your statement with the junk mail more than once.  Even though you might not be big advocate for “going green,” we can all agree that conserving our resources is a good thing.

 palm trees blowing in the wind

Ready to Sign up for eStatements?

The whole process only takes a few seconds!  Simply, log in to Online Banking and select eStatements under the Additional Services menu.  You’ll receive a verification email, accept the terms and agreements, and you’re done.  You won’t ever look back!

Log in to Online Banking to enroll

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