6 Tips For Test Driving Your Next Vehicle

Posted by Rebecca Prince on January 26, 2017


Cruising in to 2017 by purchasing a new vehicle?  If you’ve been keeping an eye on our blog for the past couple of months, you’ve seen our articles about auto buying.

Let’s do a quick review of where we’re at in the journey…

  • Establish your budget
  • Get pre-approved
  • Do your research on pricing, features, safety, and insurance
  • Schedule an appointment with a dealer
  • Take note of the vehicle’s details and amenities before you test drive

Ah, yes!  We’ve now arrived at the test drive.  Getting excited yet?  We don’t blame you.

Test driving your next potential vehicle is definitely a moment to savor.  If you’re rushing, you’re doing it all wrong.  Your sales person should allow at least 30 minutes minimum for your test drive.

It’s so important to see how an auto handles on the road!  Your satisfaction and your safety depend on it.  So what exactly should you be paying attention to when you’re behind the wheel?  Here are a few tips for a test drive that’s fun and effective:

  1. Test the drive the vehicle in a variety of environments – interstate, stop-and-go traffic, and crowded parking lots if available.
  2. Turn off the radio. (You should have checked it before leaving the car lot.)  Is the road noise excessive?
  3. Take note of the smoothness of the ride. Does it handle minor bumps, railroad crossing, etc. well?
  4. Is the steering responsive? Does the vehicle drive straight when the steering wheel is held in its center position or does it wander?  How does it handle corners?
  5. Try parking. Does the vehicle fit in a normal sized parking space?  Can you accurately judge where the corners of the vehicle are?
  6. Hit the brakes. Find a safe place and see how responsive the brakes are.  Brake hard from about 40 miles per hour.  Is it a controlled straight line?

How DuGood Can Help

Buying a vehicle that’s new (or new to you) can be full of twists and turns.  We’re here to help with the ride.  After all, road trips are a lot more fun with a friend!

If you’re at the beginning of your auto buying journey, be sure to contact our Lending Experts with any questions you might have.  And, don’t forget to get pre-approved, so you can get the most savings possible.

Also, check out our Auto Buying Guide!  It’s full of helpful content and tips that make vehicle shopping simple.

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