7 Things To Look For Before You Test Drive

Posted by Rebecca Prince on January 4, 2017


Ringing in 2017 with a new vehicle?  Congratulations!  You’re about to enjoy some serious savings.  As the year draws to a close, dealers start getting anxious to move “old” inventory off the lot to make room for the newer models – and this means heavy discounts for you.  Que the sparklers and fireworks!

If you’ve been following our blog for the past month or so, we’ve shared some pretty solid tips about finding the vehicle that’s right for you.  You’ve crunched the numbers, done the research, and now it’s time to visit the dealership. 

You’re surrounded by shiny new autos.  It’s super exciting – but don’t get too distracted!  There are some important things you need to consider before taking that test drive.

Timing is Everything!

Taking advantage of New Year’s sales shows that you’re a pretty savvy shopper.  Here are a few extra pointers you might not know:

  • Dealers are usually more willing to negotiate when things are slow.
  • Try to time your purchase on a weekday during the morning.
  • For the best service, always schedule an appointment with the sales manager in advance.

Before You Take the Test Drive

Before leaving the lot for your test drive, take note of:

  1. The location of the battery and oil. Check under the hood and get the sales person to point them out.
  2. Locate the spare. Is it a spare or doughnut?
  3. Size up the cargo space. Is it large enough for your needs?
  4. Sit in every seating position. Will you passengers be comfortable?
  5. Enter and exit the vehicle. Can you do so easily without bumping your head?
  6. Get the salesperson to show you all car’s amenities and accessories. Check out the stereo, air conditioning, heat, navigation device, etc.
  7. Get behind the wheel. Can you reach the steering wheel and pedals comfortably?  Are the controls within easy reach?

How DuGood Can Help

Getting a new vehicle should be fun – not complicated!  That’s where we come in.  Just think of us as your GPS for auto buying.  If you have questions, chat with one of our Lending Experts or download our free Auto Buying Guide.  We’re here to help you through the process turn by turn.

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