7 Ways to Save on your Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Rebecca Prince on November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Tips Blog

So Thanksgiving is two weeks away!  You know… that holiday that comes BEFORE Christmas with all the food, family, and being grateful.  Sorry, I digress – back to the point at hand. 

If you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, you know that things can get pricey pretty quickly.  These days the average Thanksgiving feast runs around $50 (according to the American Farm Bureau Federation).

And that’s just the base price!  Factor in all the extra utilities you’ll use cooking, entertaining out of town guests, decorating, etc., and celebrating Turkey Day can cost much more than you bargained for.

So, how can you celebrate Thanksgiving without going in the going in the red?  We have a few suggestions!

Start Shopping Now

Let’s face it!  We all have pretty packed schedules.  But, a little preparation in advance can save you some serious cash.  Start looking through grocery store circulars, so you can find the best deals on the ingredients you need.

And while we’re talking about preparing in advance, be sure to finalize your guest list ASAP, so you don’t over shop.

Buy Fresh, Buy Seasonal

I hate chopping up vegetables, especially onions!  However, pre-chopped foods cost triple the price (or more) of the raw stuff.  Sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, apples, and pears are all in season right now – which translates to much cheaper prices at the cash register.

Try making your own pie crust, bread crumbs, or mashed potatoes.  Make it a group activity with your family!  You’ll create fun memories, save some money, and enjoy a dish that’s even more fresh and delicious.

Don’t Get Too Crazy About Traditions

Just because it’s “traditional’ Thanksgiving food, doesn’t mean you have to cook it!  If you family hates green bean casserole, and it’s always left over at the end of the day, skip it!  Focus on the foods that your family really loves, so nothing goes to waste.

Enjoy the Simple Things

Thanksgiving is about having a grateful heart and spending time with the people that you love.  So, don’t overcomplicate it!  Take a deep breath.  Your house doesn’t have to be perfectly decorated.  Your food doesn’t have to be gourmet.  If your family likes cranberries out of can, roll with it.  Remember, the first Thanksgiving was held outside, and they ate fish, berries, and whatever veggies were available.  Let’s keep things in perspective!

BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish)

Just because you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your place, doesn’t mean you have to make ALL the food.  Invite your friends and family to bring a dish of their own.  It allows them to have a part in making the day special, and it will save you some serious dough.

Repurpose Your Leftovers

Maybe you hate eating the same meal twice.  Why not create a completely new one?  Use your leftover turkey to make turkey enchiladas, chili, or casserole.  You’ll get lots more bang for your buck.

Go Natural

If decorating is really important to you, skip the trip to Hobby Lobby.  Venture out into nature and gather some leaves, pine cones, or branches.  Pumpkins, squash, and gourds are also heavily discounted right now since Halloween has come and gone.

How DuGood Can Help

We believe you should FEEL GOOD about celebrating Thanksgiving and NOT going broke!  Don’t forget to use your DuGood debit card, so you can rack up those rewards points while you’re grocery shopping.  And, if you’re looking for even more savings, head over to our Local Discounts page for some really good stuff.

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