9 Southeast Texas Sites To See Before Summer Ends

Posted by Rebecca Prince on August 11, 2017

Beaumont Cattail Marsh

Itching to do something fun before the last few days of summer fade away?  Although it might be too late to plan a getaway before Back to School, Southeast Texas is full of hidden gems.

We reached out to our followers on social media and asked them to share some of their favorite attractions in the area.  Here’s what they had to say!

1. Kick it Old School and Head to an Arcade

Once an 80’s and 90’s thing, arcades are making a comeback.  Whether your preference is Pac Man, pinball, or laser tag; head on over to Tilt and BNB Arcade.  Be sure to ask about summer specials!

My son and I really want to check out the new game room, Tilt, in Parkdale Mall!
Joanie Chappell, Facebook

2. Learn about Life in a Different Era

Southeast Texas is full of beautiful historic homes, and each has an interesting story to tell.  Discover the Golden Triangle of the early 1800 and 1900’s.  With admission maxing out at just $5 per person, you’ll learn a lot without breaking the bank.

3. Why Buy When You Can Catch?

Broil it, fry it, blacken it.  As Southeast Texans, we love throwing down some seafood with our family and friends.  What could be better?  According to our Facebook fans, kicking back and catching those fish yourself!

I loved going fishing with my daddy here in Southeast. He came here from Mexico and loved the USA and the American people, especially Southeast Texas. I love you daddy! R.I.P 7-15-17.
 – Julie Ann Lockett, Facebook

We love to go fishing and take our grandchild. He's so much fun to be with.
 – Rachel Sadler Hughes, Facebook

Crabbing at the Texas Wildlife Refuge in Anahuac.  – Alisha Weisinger Williams, Facebook

4. Hike, Bike, and Explore a Local Park or Garden

You might not know it, but Southeast Texas is filled with incredible places to adventure and explore.  Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, disc golf, horseback riding, bird watching, or just enjoying nature – our local parks offer something for everyone!  Here are a few fan favorites:

My kids get excited about going to Claiborne West Park, Shangri La (which just became free to visitors!) and Kingdom Zoo in Orange. We also love the Beaumont Children's Museum and all kinds of stuff that pops up on FB events.  Plus camping, hiking, fishing, and scouting... 
– Stephanie Cassey, Facebook

I know my daughter’s idea of a perfect staycation day would be playing at the Lumberton Park off of 421 and then hitting up Mahola Shaved Ice on Country Lane!
– Dawn Grimes, Facebook

My daughter and I go to Claiborne West Park. We enjoy having a picnic and go bike riding afterwards.
– Alicia Copeland, Facebook

5. Enjoy a Little Sun, Surf, and Sand

What activity was most popular with our followers?  Getting out on the water!  There is certainly no shortage of rivers, creeks, and coasts in Southeast Texas. 

Sam Rayburn, Artesian Springs, Neches River, crabbing on the coast, fishing in any of our bodies of water, Galveston, or Crystal Beach. 
– Jennifer Boone Fisher

Snow cones and the beach! Fishing/crabbing anywhere from Sabine, to Crystal, to Rayburn! 
– Brandi Wolfe

Kayaking the Adams Bayou is a fun outdoor activity. For cooler, indoor fun, I recommend Elise's Family Fun Center.
Kristin Foreman Menard, Facebook

Canoeing down village creek.  – Jay Harrington, Facebook

6. Learn, Play, and Become a Kid Again

Looking for something that the little ones will enjoy?  The Beaumont Children’s Museum and Elise’s Family Fun Center come highly recommended from these moms and dads.

Elise’s Family Fun Center in Winnie. Kids love it. Something to do for everyone.
Richard Wayne Simoneaux, Facebook

Go crabbing at Anahuac Wildlife Refuge. The Beaumont Children's Museum is another favorite.
Donia McMahan, Facebook

7. Catch a Flick at Classic Movie Night

Fun and inexpensive!  Classic Move Night is the best of both worlds.  Enjoy the historic ambience of the Jefferson and grab some popcorn for under $10.  Make it a night on the town by checking out one of Downtown Beaumont’s delicious restaurants.  Check out the Beaumont Convention and Visitor Bureau’s website to see a schedule of what’s playing this month.

Sugas, museums, Jefferson Theater. – Tammy Watkins Choate, Facebook

8. Geek Out at an Area Museum

Did you know that there are almost 40 museums in Southeast Texas?  It’s true!  Beaumont alone is known as the “Museum Capital of Texas,” and that doesn’t even include all the great cities surrounding it.  Visit the Beaumont Convention and Visitor Bureau’s for a full list and admission prices.

9. Get Up Close and Personal with the Gators

Museums aren’t the only that put our area on the map.  Southeast Texas also has the largest alligator popular in Texas!  Hold a baby alligator at Gator Country or take a swamp boat tour.  Experience the “wild side” of the Golden Triangle.

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Special thanks to all of our followers who took time to share their favorite Southeast Texas activities!  We hope the last days of your summer are filled with friends, fun, and lots of laughter.  And, if you don’t follow us on social media yet, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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