Are You Spending Too Much Time Paying Your Bills?

Posted by Rebecca Prince on April 18, 2018

Bill Py

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay your bills quickly and easily without having to lick a stamp or run to the post office?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay all of your bills from one website instead of having to remember your login information for multiple websites you use to pay utilities or other bills?  Are you interested? 

Why not pay your bills at your own convenience?  One of the greatest online services available at DuGood is our online bill pay service.  Not only is it free, it can save you time and money with little to no effort. 

Consider the following example: Helen pays the bills in her household.  Every month, without fail, it takes her a minimum of two hours to make out the checks, or login to various websites to pay her bills.  Not only does this take time, but when she logs in, she has to remember each login name and password, or look at her notebook or in her desk drawer for the login and password she can’t remember (which is not necessarily secure).  If she has to send a payment in an envelope, she has to find a stamp or purchase one the next day at the post office.  It is simply not something she looks forward to every month. 

Can you relate to Helen?  If you can, and you don’t use our bill pay service, consider the following benefits:

  • Our online bill pay service is free.  And, think of the money you will save not having to buy stamps or filling up at the gas pump because of trips to the post office.    
  • You can make payments whenever you want using our online bill payer.
  • You can even set up automatic payments for those bills that don’t change from month to month.  And, you will be notified whenever funds are about to be withdrawn from your account to pay a bill.
  • If you need to transfer money, no problem.  Because you are logged into online banking, you have access to your funds to make sure you have the money available in your account when a bill is to be paid. 
  • You can pay businesses as well as individuals (e.g., gardeners, pest control, etc.) using our online bill pay service.  Just set up your payees one time and you just need to find them in the list of payees after that…it’s really that simple.
  • You have the security of knowing that your bills will be paid on time.
  • You only have to remember one login name and password, which is highly secured.  By limiting your bill paying to one site, you will keep your personal financial information safe and limit your exposure to identity theft. 

Whatever your situation may be, we can promise you that using the online bill paying service at DuGood will save you time and money, and keep your personal financial information safe.  To get started, click or call one of our representatives today.

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