Finding a Vehicle that’s Right for You

Posted by Rebecca Prince on December 16, 2016


Hoping for a set of car keys in your stocking this Christmas? Surprising someone you love?  Buying a car for Christmas is a pretty bold move.  It’s not like you can run to Target and return it if it’s not the right color.

So, how do you know if a vehicle is the right fit for you?  Research, research, research!  Here are 11 things to look for as you begin your auto buying adventure.

  1. Is the price right? Find your dream car’s true value by searching NADA and Kelly Blue Book. And, don’t forget to browse GrooveCar to see what discounts you can get locally.
  2. Let your lifestyle lead you! Do you have a growing family and need room for strollers or car seats?  Do you plan to tow a boat or enjoy outdoor activities like camping or fishing?
  3. What kind of gas mileage does the vehicle get?
  4. How are the vehicle’s safety ratings?
  5. Can the vehicle be serviced locally, or will you have to travel for maintenance and repairs?
  6. What do the consumer ratings and reports say about the vehicle?
  7. What accessories and options are available?
  8. Do you know the invoice price versus the MSRP or “sticker price” for the vehicles you are interested in?
  9. Are there any rebates available? Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website.
  10. What are people saying about the dealerships in your area? Look for reviews online and ask family and friends to share their experiences.
  11. How much will insurance cost for the vehicles that interest you? Shop around and get quotes.

How DuGood Can Help

 Buying a car is a big investment.  But, it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming!  If you’re in the process of shopping for your next vehicle, download our Auto Buyers Guide today.  It makes a great road map as you navigate the twists and turns of your auto buying journey.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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