Saving And Surviving on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted by Rebecca Prince on November 18, 2016

Black Friday Tips Blog

Does anyone else find it really ironic that Thanksgiving (the holiday that’s all about being grateful) is followed by two of the biggest and craziest shopping days of the year? Ok, maybe it’s just me.

Irony aside, it’s undeniable that you can get some incredible deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Well, let me rephrase that – you can get some incredible deals if you shop strategically.  So, how can you get the most bang for your buck? We’ve got a few tips to help you survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday and save more too!

  1. Only look for items that you need. If you don’t really need it – and you won’t be giving it away as a Christmas gift, you’re not actually saving money!
  2. Have a game plan. Before you hit the stores or snuggle up with you iPad, write out a list of the items you’ll need, so you don’t get distracted by so-called amazing sales.
  3. Teamwork makes the dream work. Shop with a friend or spouse.  If there are two stores that are advertising really popular items you want, split up, so you can cover more ground.
  4. Don’t be crazy! Keep the right perspective.  It’s just stuff, so don’t be rude or obnoxious to others.
  5. Create a budget. Wait – hear us out!  Do you really want to start the new year in debt?
  6. Do your homework. Research the things you want in advance.  Look at quality, compare different brands, and note how much the items are normally worth.  It’s not a good deal if it breaks in a month, and you have to replace it.
  7. Check for deals throughout the day. Can’t find what you’re looking for in the morning?  Just wait a few hours!  Keep an eye on your phone or tablet, as merchants sometimes offer different sales throughout the day.
  8. Remain calm. Remember, it’s BLACK FRIDAY!  There’s going tons of traffic, long lines, and probably some confusion.  Just take a deep breath and say positive.

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