Should I Work with a Real Estate Agent?

Posted by Rebecca Prince on April 27, 2017

Home ownership.  You’ve decided it’s time.  All the details are in order.  Now, it’s time for the house hunt to begin.  Which leads you to even more questions…

Should you work with a real estate agent?  How should you pick one?

Since you’re a first-time house hunter, enlisting the help of an agent is probably a really good idea!  They’ll help you stay focused on homes that meet your specification and your price range.

That being said, not every agent is the right one for you!  You’ll have to communicate with him/her quite a bit, so it’s important to feel comfortable with your choice.  Take your time.  Get recommendations from family and friends and interview a few agents before making a final decision. 

And, check out the infographic below for a little inspiration!

7 Good Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent

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